our story.

Pivoine (nom féminin /pi.vwan/) is French for the flower peony. Peonies symbolise nobility, compassion, prosperity, only but a few of most wonderful values that this flower embodies.

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our company values.

These values are at the heart of Pivoine. They propel our business forward and set us apart from others in the beauty industry.

we put our hearts into our work. We are passionate about what we do, and we like to share the love! “What is done with love is always done well”.

we strive to operate our business ethically. You can rest assure that we will always look after your wellbeing and offer our honest advice. If a break from gel is what you need, then we will let you know.

we understand that not every client is the same, nor is every visit. For that reason, we are able to tailor our treatments to your needs each time you come to see us. If a deeper leg massage is what you need after a long day, then we have you covered.

our hearts are open to each other and to you. Honesty is our strongest suit. We do not, and we repeat, we do not hard sell. We genuinely care for each other and we care for our clients with no hidden agenda at no hidden cost.

it is important that we keep things fresh! The beauty industry is ever-changing, and it does so very fast! We do the research to bring you the latest technology, trends and products in the beauty world.

we are always looking to better ourselves and in order to do that we must encourage an environment which aids our growth as individuals and professionals in the industry. For that reason, we like to keep our space positive, inviting and evergreen.

we understand that sometimes it may feel difficult to make time when we are juggling many things at once. If you need 20 minutes for a quick pick me up, or a 2 hour slot for an escape, you can count on us to perform quality treatments at a high standard for what you may need.